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A New Supergirl

A Power Transfer Redux! A villainess has a trick up her sleeve and tricks supergirl, transfering her powers to herself. She then uses the woman’s own powers against her before finally stealing her iconic costume and becoming the new "supergirl".

A Walk In The Park

A powerful heroine is out for a morning workout when her super hearing intercepts a police radio signal. She decides to take some time out for her workout to teach the young criminal a lesson and show him how powerful she is!

A Superhero Dream

When a young woman falls asleep reading her favourite comic, she awakens to find herself transformed into the comic heroine. After experimenting with her powers, Two armed men enter her apartment but are no match for the new heroine's awesome power.

Power Transfer II

Supergirl re-enters the lair of the powerfull villainess who previously had stolen her powers. After gaining her powers back she soon discovers though that her nemesis in not nearly as weak and helpless as she had hoped she would be!

A Heroine Created

A young woman discovers she has been given incredible powers from a mysterious artifact she finds and quickly decides to test them out, later transforming herself into a superheroine to help stop a thief's attempted break-in.

Wonder Woman III: Solved

Diana Prince finally tracks down the Tenron organization to their secret headquarters. There she transforms into Wonder Woman before using her powers to dispatch the last of the corrupt organization and discover the location of the serum.

The Keepers

Two Keepers of a mysterious artifact are ambushed by an incredibly powerful and mystical woman. They try their best to fight her off and protect the artifact but is the woman’s immense strength too much for their powers?

Personal Trainer

When an arrogant man orders a personal training session, he gets more than he bargained for when an incredibly strong young woman shows up for the session. Halfway through she reveals her alterego and uses her superpowers to teach him a lesson.

The Lock In

When two secret agents are lured to a mysterious location they find themselves locked in a room with an powerful adversary. She toys with the two agents, demonstrating her strength while the agents fight in vain to subdue her, despite their powers.

The Session

A young woman shows up at her personal training client's house and finds him to be very mean to her. She finds an artifact that grants her incredible powers and after testing them out, she decides to teach the man a few more lessons, using him as part of her workout.

Superwoman III: Lessons

Two armed robbers are holed up after a particularly cruel robbery when a seemingly normal woman wanders to their hideout they try to see her off before she reveals her true Identity and decides to use her superpowers to teach the two men a lesson.

Power Transfer

When supergirl drops in on a known villainess, the villainess has a secret weapon which transfers all of the heroine's powers into herself. From easily deflecting her blows to lifting her up and down, we are left wondering what she will do next!

Wonder Woman II: Infiltration

Wonder Woman continues her investigation into the evil organisation by trying to find out the orign of the super serum. She infiltrates their hideout and uses her wits to extract information before defeating them as Wonder Woman.

Assets: Part I

When Lisa drops in on her ex-boyfriend and his new partner, it turns out she's discovered she is now virtually superhuman. After telling stories of her transformation, she demonstrates her strength by dominating and humiliating them.

Mary Marvel I: Kidnap

Mary Marvel transforms into her costume, heading to the scene of a kidnapping. The three thugs attempt to fight her off, but she is able to easily thwart their attacks using her incredible array of superpowers against their attacks.

Wonder Woman I: Control

Wonderwoman is on the case of criminal mastermind, Alexis Luthor and her henchman. However, when Alexis threatens innocent civilans, our heroine must relenquish her powerful artifacts and think of a new way to defeat the villainess.

Superwoman II: The Robbery

While Kara sips coffee at home, she hears a robbery with her super hearing, declaring its a job for Superwoman! After transforming into the mighty heroine, she sets off to teach the three criminals a lesson -- that are no match for her incredible superpowers.

Superwoman: The Beginning

When a young woman experiences incredible things happening to her, she starts a voyage of self discovery, transforming into an iconic superheroine. Juggling real life and being a superhero, she must also battle a powerful enemy who has her eyes set on our heroine.

Changes: Part I

A creepy employer has alot to answer for when two of his employees find a secret formula that grants them incredible powers. They show of their new found strength and confidence while re-aserting their position in the company.

Tryouts: Part II

An alien warrior woman has settled down into her new life on earth when one of Earth's own heroes drops in to challenge her. Always up for some sport, she accepts his challenge. But by the time he realises he is no match for her power, it's a little bit too late.

The Stone: Part II

Three would-be superheroes challenge a mysterious supervilain after the unexplained disappearance of the last team sent to apprehend her. This group discover that the woman is immensely powerful, and despite their own incredible powers, they are no match for her!

Level Up: Part I

Two powerful 'Paladins' meet up to discuss terms. However, much to the shock of the cocky young male, he discoveres his female collegue has amassed power that far exceeds his. As their meeting progresses, he finds himself on the wrong end of a tough deal.

The Stone: Part II

The mysterious power-giving stone returns to grant incredible powers to a young woman pressured by some some small time crooks. After discovering her powers, she shows them off to one off the goons before renegotiating their agreement on 'her' terms!

Tryouts: Part I

An alien woman is sent to find perspective mates for her queen. Unfortunately for the two goons she's been sent to assess, the trial is by combat and a test of strength. Tests they find well beyond them as the superhuman woman easily defeats them.

Mobboss: Part IV

A depowered Sally is paid a visit by an ambitious young mobster hoping to squeeze her for some collection money. Pretty soon he realises that Sally may in fact be more powerful and more dangerous than before and finds himself on the end of her super-powered interrogation.

Enter the Countess: Part I

In a continuation of the Wonder Series, an intelligent countess has recently drained the parents of the mighty herioine of their powers, stealing them for herself and making her an incredibly powerful adversary for the unfortunate agents sent to subdue her.

Augmented: Part I

An experienced black ops agent is tasked to take down a woman who has been turned into a powerful weapon and turned on her creators. The agent as part of the contract becomes augmented herself, gaining superhuman abilities, but will it be enough?

Transformation: Part II

Two ubergirl tales! Tanya, a soldier, finds herself accidentally empowered and uses her new abilites on her colleges. Meanwhile, Lyndsay uses her incredible superpowers to fight back against a group of people who seriously underestimate her!

Vengeance: Part I

Routinely abused by her boyfriend, a young woman dreams of having the power to put him straight. As she closes her eyes, we see how she dreams of gaining immense strength as she teases her ex-boyfriend and his friend first with her body -- then with her power!

Wonder: Pt III

After her last run in with the Countess's goons, Wonder goes to a scientist friend of hers to get a checkup on her powers. After his reluctance, she persuades him to help her test her powers as we see the superhuman powers of Wonder put to the test. A must see for girl power action fans!

Wonder: Pt II

Wonder is lured to a trap that temporarily weakens her, and leaves her at the mercy of the powerful adversary, Kate. However using clever distraction and buying herself enough time, she recovers her mighty strength, dispatching the two thugs and the newly superpowered Kate.

Unstoppable: Pt 1

Three freedom fighters have escaped to a safe house with a sensitive disk only to be tracked down by an incredibly powerful enforcer. After mashing into the fortress the woman uses devastating powers to easily defeat the trio and retrieve the disk, despite their best efforts to stop her.

Transformation: Pt 1

Tired of being creeped on by her supervisor and tired of her job, a young woman tries an experimental new formula tranfroming her into a superpowered weapon. But when the company tries and fails to eliminate her, she goes on a punishing rampage helped by her lab partner.

Wonder: Part I

Powerful superheroine, "Wonder", suits up and heads of to rescue a ring of kidnappers. Although the crew have a trick up their sleeve, they are still no match for Wonder!.

Supergirl: Overdue

Supergirl has taken part time work using her extra ordinary gifts as a debt collector. When a last minute Job comes in she uses her superpowers to rough up an man who’s elaborate lifestyle has left him in debt to company who has the mighty superheroine on the payroll.

Ursa: Questions

Ursa flies to the offices of her former employers to gain answers. She uses her range of superpowers to intimidate one of the workers to giving her information but there is more the man than first meets the eye.

New Scientist

A nerdy research scientist working on an experimental new drug for her allergies is routinely bullied by her lab mates, but when an experiment on a mysterious meteorite fragment accidentally enhances her experiment, she finds herself gifted with superhuman abilities and decides to get revenge on her colleagues.

May: Pt I

A young retail worker is in a dead-end job working for her bully of a boss when her boyfriend gives her an experimental drug giving her great powers and then is tricked into giving the same drug to the boss, transforming her into an incredibly powerful villainess who relishes in testing out her new powers.

Ursa Returns

Two agents are sent for on a hunt for a mysterious woman, but when the woman ambushes them, the tables quickly turn as an extremely one-sided confrontation ends in the superpowerful Ursa interrogating both agents for information.

Mob Boss Part 3

The two superpowered women from Mob Boss Parts 1 & 2 finally encounter each other and battle for control of the whole empire, but only after the newest empowered superwoman shows off some of her powers on the unsuspecting body guard.

Supergirl: Blackmail

Supergirl is photographed by a team of blackmailers while saving a civilian, but the blackmailers soon discover the heroine has brains as well as brawn as she outwits the crooks before showing them the power of Supergirl!

Interrogation: A Gallant Prequel

Torrence, a former special agent, is interrogated after being granted an array of superhuman powers by the Agency, showing that she is more than 'fit for duty' than ever with her impressive and super abilities and newfound confidence.

Mob Boss: Part II

Sally, the newly empowered boss of the west side, pays a visit to her ex-boyfriend's brother and leader of the east side mafia in order to sieze control, but his savvy girlfriend is able to shift the balance of 'power' on her own.

Mob Boss: Part I

A young mobster has created a serum giving the user incredible power, but after underestimating his girlfriend, he quickly finds the tables turned against him as his superpowered girlfriend seizes control of his operation.

Blaze 2: Blaze Returns

Blaze storms a complex in search of information that another superpowerful mercenary is also after. When Blaze finally meets up with her superhuman counterpart, who knows what will happen next!


A villainess tired of being constantly bettered by a superhero turns to mysterious adversary in order to gain powers and take on the hero. But the vampiress wants more than she let on leaving the hero in a very vulnerable position.

Bionic Secret Agent

The workout of a bionic secret agent is interupted by an impromtu mission assignment and then takes out some of her frustrations on the target to give him a workout of his own before taking him into custody.

The Secretary Pt 2

Stacey, the secretary, arrives home to find her boyfriend in the midst of being unfaithful. But will her superpowered revenge unwittingly unleashes another -- more vengeful -- super-powered young woman into the world....

Dark Mirror

Two best friends are confused to discover their exact dopplegangers are waiting for them at work. Their curiosity gives way to fear as they discover that their replicas are not only more aggresive but also superpowerful.

Blaze Pt 1

A young woman comes home one day, worn down by bullies and what people think of her. Suddenly a mysterious ring falls from her favourite comic, transforming her into the powerful and confident superheroine, Blaze!

Super Security Pt 2

Taylor has escaped from prison and returns to find her self alone. However her partner in crime has left her a present behind that could give her the power to potentially challenge the mighty Supergirl.


A woman participates in a medical experiment that transforms her into a Bionic Woman. However, when the company tries to kill her she sets out for vengeance against the mysterious organization that transformed her.

Jacked Pt 2

The designer of a powerful personal power booster returns her lab to secure a new and improved prototype, only to find a vengeful former employee now in possession of one of her previous versions.