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This weeks release is a fun dark science fiction short film. Two powerful warriors under the employ of the collective argue over who is the most powerful. When the favoured employee demontrates her incredible power she is shocked when her rival demonstrated far superior strength. She realises too late she has been tricked by the […]

Posted: 05/15/24


This weeks fun commissioned story comes in 3rd person and POV versions. A young man goes in search of a magical wishing stone in order to cure his sick girlfirend. Unbeknown to him she doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore and when he grants her incredible superpowers she turns them against him in […]

Posted: 05/11/24


Some new heroines battle in this weeks release. A computer hacker is put under house arrest after she manipulate the stock markets and puts train passengers at risk. She remembers a device she created with the potential to unleash power. She takes a chance and activates it. Her geeky persona gives way to a powerful […]

Posted: 05/05/24


A woman with incredible powers is tired of being harrased by creepy men everytime she works out. After humiliating the creep she revieces a message inviting her to be part of an exclusive new gym. Mean while another powerful woman endures a grueling membership trial with the gyms owner. 20 minutes long. Available here for […]

Posted: 04/13/24


When a wicked scientist unleashes a flood Supergirl locks her away for her crimes. But the woman finds a way to break out by using a mysterious power she has been hiding with a crystal. Supergirl visits the woman and is surprised by her newfound strength. They engage in a battle which reveals the new […]

Posted: 04/06/24


This weeks short commission introduces 2 new talents. A young detective investigated some disapearences and discovers an unbelivably strong woman who unveils supernatural powers. Luckily the detective has a super secret of her own which just might save her in this fight to the death. 12 Minutes Long. Available here for £9.99 Special FX: […]

Posted: 03/31/24


A fantastic new talent dons a brand new costume. In a dark reality where superman rules as a cruel tyrant. He terrorises an inocent young woman. A mysterious voice tempts her with ultimate power if the deals with the evil superhero. The accepts the challenge and uses her might to destroy the man of steel. […]

Posted: 03/22/24


A superwoman protects her best friend. When Claire kent comes home from a fun evening with one of her closest friends she inadvertantley reveals her secret Identity. Superwoman. She delights in showing off her powers to her friend before they are interupted by a theif with a dastardly surprise. When the ordeal is over. Superwoman […]

Posted: 03/16/24


Two super powered women lead this weeks release. A business owner is at the mercy of a powerful super villainess who is regularly squeezing him for protection money. He decides to fight back after he finds a crystal that unleashed the power of a goddess onto his nerdy assistant. Things look up until the villainess […]

Posted: 03/11/24


A fun action packed release with fan favourites Rose and Tiana. A scientist invites supergirl to participate in a series of tests inside her virtual reality. But the device malfunctions and supergirl begins to lose her inhibitions and become adicted. In an effort to subdue her the scientist adjusts the device creating a life threataning […]

Posted: 03/06/24


When superwoman dissapoints her biggest fan. The woman sets out to claim revenge on her hero. But is this real or is the tension all inside the troubled young womans mind. Either way superwoman finds herself in a battle for her life. 14 Minutes long. Available here for $10.99 Special FX: TL’s, Lifts by […]

Posted: 02/27/24

This weeks release mixes some old favourites with a debut heroine. A career criminal is sent in search of a weapon. Only to discover it’s hidden inside a woman who unleashes her mighty power. Although well beaten he still manages to recover a strand of hair. His employer unleashes it’s full power to devistating effect. […]

Posted: 02/19/24


A secret govenment facility run by an amtitions villain is infiltrated by one of it’s subects. After using her incredible strength to dispatch the guards she interrogates one of the workers beofre discovering she never had the information she needed. Meanwile the boss is using her own unnatural power to tie up loose ends. 18 […]

Posted: 02/09/24


Rose gains bionic powers and battles a shady organisation. A young woman breaks up with her boyfriend but find some suspicious documents when throwing out his things. Later she wakes up in a cell with only the mystery serum in her pocket. In a last bid for survival she injects herself and escapes with her […]

Posted: 01/26/24


A popular villainess is back with another plan. The villainess is back. Her and a new friend are hatching another plan to trap supergirl. But this time supergirl is ahead of them and drops by to spoil their party. She manages to stop the plan but the villainess has one more trick up her sleeve. […]

Posted: 01/20/24


An ambitious hacker tries to steal the powers of a superheroine. A superheroine foils a cyber attack and moves to arrest the villain. But the villain has one last trick up her sleeve and robs the heroine of her powers. The superheroine must fight for her life against the now incredibly powerful villainess. 17 Minutes […]

Posted: 01/13/24


2024 starts with an epic release. This weeks film is an epic re-telling of a legendary story. A young woman discovered she was sent from an alien planet and the earths sun gives her incredible powers. She goes on a journey to discover her place in the strange new world and use her powers for […]

Posted: 01/05/24


Super Lois sees out the year in this epic release with a festive twist. Superman and Lois are living their life fighting crime together. Superman is constantly trying to pvoe himself just as gets a nice birthday present from Lois. A mysterious voice offers him the chance to restore his full power. But he is […]

Posted: 12/22/23


A greedy but ambitions woman uses an experimental procedure on an unwitting colleague. They woman wakes up with incredible abilities but becomes angry to found out she was not consented. The scientist has her funding cut by her boss but discovers she has taken the powers and no longer has use for her. 17 Minutes […]

Posted: 12/15/23


Two supergirls must escape this weeks trap. When a man conducts an experiement on his friend he accidentally turns her into a superpowered villain. After they are confronted by a supperheroine the villain gives a glimpse of her new strength before they are stopped. Now driven by green they attempt to steal the powers off […]

Posted: 12/01/23


Rose and Terri battle it out this week. Supergirl foils the plan of an ambitions thief. In revenge, the thief lays a crafty trap in order to steal her powers herself and achieve her ambition of become a powerful villain. She uses a power stealing laser cannon to transfer the heroines powers. She defeats the […]

Posted: 11/19/23


Two men pick on a young girl in a youth hostel. After she asks them to leave her alone the men still persist. So she reveals her incredible powers and teaches them a lesson. Things take a dark twist as a future version of the woman arrives to stop the men causing her younger self […]

Posted: 11/14/23


Amy and Layla go head to head. A devious villain is streaming about her arch nemesis supergirl. The heroine drops in to teach her a lesson with the intent of getting her to admit to a some unexplained destruction. But the villain has more up her sleeve than is first apparent. 15 Minutes Long. Available […]

Posted: 10/31/23


Some powerful women are brought together through the journey of a nefarious criminal. First when a super powerered assasain is sent to retreive a powerful forumla. The head scientist decides the only way out is to use the serum on themselves to turn the tide. Later, his quest to detroy all superheroes, the criminal inadvertantly […]

Posted: 10/24/23


A heroine faces off against a powerful sorceress. Superwoman finds a mysterious Necklace in her appartment and decides to wear it. Unbeknown to her it is enchanted by an evil sorceress who uses it to lure her into a trap. The reveals her plan to capture, control or destroy her and uses her power to […]

Posted: 10/18/23


Rose, Ally and Ella star in this weeks epic commission. After supergirl rescues a you woman from a fire. The woman discovers a crystal. This unleashes a dark and incredible power that takes over her body. After she defeates the heroine supergirl calls for help. But can this new supergirl from another dimension be trusted? […]

Posted: 10/04/23


Another model debuts in this weeks fun little release. Supergirl traces a series of disturbances to a dark crystal being used by a scientist. She forces the scientist to hand it over but accidentally transfers her superpowers to the woman who relishes in her new strength. 19 Minutes Long. Available here for $10.99. Special […]

Posted: 09/23/23


The harvest continues as the villainess lures a superman from another universe into her deadly trap. He uses all of his abilities but she proves much stronger and faster than he can handle. Just as she prepares to escape with him they are interrupted by his cousin who puts up more than enough fight. This […]

Posted: 09/08/23


Two incredible new models debut this week. A business man find himself in over his head when a shady corporation sends a beautiful but deadly woman to force him to comply. He succumbs to her incredible strength before vowing to create an enforcer of his own. His plan backfired after the incredibly powerful woman he […]

Posted: 09/01/23


The Harvest begins as a mysterious woman defeats earths mightiest hero. Superman intercepts a jewellery thief and tries to take her to jail. He is shocked to discover she is much much stronger than she looks. She shows her superiority before revealing her own superhero costume and her intention to kidnap him and take him […]

Posted: 08/25/23


This week. The Power hunter returns. The Power hunter continues her rampage. Absorbing the power from anyone she pleases. A defender from another universe arrives to stop her but even he is no match for her might. Even when she shrinks herself to give him an advantage. She easily defeats him. Finally she displays a […]

Posted: 08/20/23


Two relic hunters find themselves after the same prize. A mysteries stone of power. When one of them retrieves it she is stunned to find it has granted her increbible powers which she puts to use on her rival. Just as things look bleak her opponent turns the tide. 17 Minutes long. Available here for […]

Posted: 08/13/23


While freeing hostages our heroine uncovers an incredible new super powered woman! Supergirl comes across a mysterious device at a hostage rescue that ends up transferring some of her power to a captured young woman. The woman proceeds to demonstrate her new strength on the kidnapper as supergirl goes in search of answers and finds […]

Posted: 07/31/23


Rose shows two men who’s boss in this weeks release. Two athletes are training for a competition when an auditor. After mocking her for her appearance she decides to show the cocky men how strong she is. Things escalate above friendly competition and she ends up using her mighty strength to completely destroy them. 27 […]

Posted: 07/20/23


This weeks commission is something a little different. A queen is frustrated with her Kings complacency and prays to the gods for the power to overthrow him and become a goddess. They grant her a powerful trident that grants her imense stregth. She uses this power and strength to sieze the throne from the king. […]

Posted: 07/04/23


A new model surprises the man of steel. Superman tries to rescue a woman from a disasterzone only to discover he can’t fly away. Soon he realizes she has mighty strength and she is behind all the incredible feats of power. 21 Minutes Long. Available here for $11.99 Special FX: Flying, TL. Hold to […]

Posted: 06/25/23


Rose and Selina star in this weeks release. Supergirl saves a clumsy woman from falling off a building and tells her to be careful. The woman tries to give her a gift before she leaves but the crystal explodes transfering her powers. The woman relishes her new strength as Supergirl gets annoyed but in the […]

Posted: 06/15/23


She’s back. Super Lois makes her return. in this Epic. Superman has a therapy session to discuss his feelings around his superpowered girlfriend. He reminisces about all the ways she humiliates him before the therapist reveals an agenda of her own. Taking a super pill and transforming into a super strong villainess, dealing out her […]

Posted: 06/06/23


Stella and Amy feature in this weeks fun release. A young woman get’s caught up in a scheme to expose a super strong social media influencer. After discovering a supernatural element she is humiliated by the powerful woman. Sometime later after a gym session with her flatmate things get a little competitive and the two […]

Posted: 06/01/23


An older commission sees it release as an investigator gets more than he bargained for. When a suspicious private investigator goes snooping in a house he gets more that he bargained for when he stumbles on a incredibly powerful woman. She reveals herself by showing of her incredible powers before realeasing him to tell his […]

Posted: 05/23/23


This weeks release is an Epic Goddess driven film. A chain of events unleashes three powerful goddesses on the world. First a greedy scientist intent on stopping a superhero awakens a powerful spirit in a young woman who takes control and possesses the heroine. Then another of earths mightiest heroes is dominated and shrunk by […]

Posted: 05/14/23


This week we try out some fun new special FX as a powerful heroine loses her patience. A superheroine is getting a little bored of always coming to the rescue of one of her collegues. He doesn’t seem to understand that he’s taking liberties. But when a mysterious gas unleashes her dark side he finds […]

Posted: 05/08/23


An older commission with Stella gets it’s release. Having recently acquired supergirls powers. The genius villainess reigns over her staff with might and terror. Two employees hatch a plan to use a device, meant to give the villainess more strength, on one of them to even the playing field. But even after the employee gains […]

Posted: 04/20/23


This week sees the long awaited return of a powerful villain. Two women attempt to hide a powerful conduit from an incredibly strong woman. They try their best to keep her at bay but her might eventually overwhelms them. Will they escape with the conduit and their lives or will the be overcome by the […]

Posted: 04/14/23


She’s back to assert more control over her company. This weeks epic release. The super powered CEO is looking for a new board after she encounters some challengers from witihing her business. After dispatching them with her might she invites some extraordinary candiatates to apply for her company. After some one sided tussles she ends […]

Posted: 04/09/23


Rose debuts a fun new costume! An accomblished Cat burglar steals two powerful and mysterious artefacts. First she is gifted a powerful new suit. Then she is transported to an alternate dimension where she encounters an incredibly strong woman who becomes angry after the burglar tries to steal something that belongs to her. Will the […]

Posted: 03/24/23


A new talent shows off her power. A debt collector gets more than he bargained for when he goes to recover some money. His mark has made themselves into an ultra powerful goddess and demonstrates her might power on the gangster. Toying with him before sending him off to report to his boss. 23 minutes […]

Posted: 03/08/23


Amy, Rose and Terri meet in a battle of the heroines. The dark superheroines rampage continues as she seeks a device to allow inter dimensional travel. She squeezes a a supergirl in one dimension to lure her mark from to her location. Here even the two powerful heroines are no match for he as she […]

Posted: 02/28/23


Something a bit different as an older film with some POV elements get a release this month. When a young therapist confronts a superhuman villainess she takes a beating at the hand of the woman. But the strain awakens something within her and she becomes a sassy villain herself. After dealing with the villainess she […]

Posted: 02/22/23


She’s back to take over the business. A prequel to our CEO film. We learn how the superpowered business mogul came to be both those things. After an over zealous board member attempts to seize the business from an ill heiress, she discovers one final inheritance gift and not only shakes her illness but becomes […]

Posted: 02/18/23


Ursa unleashes some incredible new superhumans into the world. Ursa’s plot to create an army of super powererd beings continues. First she send a powerful enforcer to silence a scientist who worked on her project. Then we witness another superhuman dispatches to crooks trying to move in on her terriroty. She gets a  visit from […]

Posted: 02/08/23


Rose goes on a quest to capture trophies from the worlds strongest superheroes. Tired of Superwoman always foiling her plans a villainess hatches a plan to drain her power and humiliate her in front of the world. Not content with that. She doubles down. Stealing the heroines power before going on a quest to take […]

Posted: 02/01/23


Something a little different this week as two bodybuilders fight for a sponsorship. When two athletes turn up for a sponsorship meeting they compete for the deal by showing off their strength to the potential sponsor. But once they realise he’s been less than honest they decide to use him as a human weight. To […]

Posted: 01/28/23


Amy lets loose on some gangsters in this weeks commission . Weapon F. A superhuman weapon receives an assignment to deal with a mob boss but things take a turn and when the boss reveals he has captured her handlers son. Her next assignment is to rescue the son. Dealing with anyone who gets in […]

Posted: 01/20/23


The Boss devious activities continue as supergirl tries to stop her. The Mischeif of the boss continues as she tries to steal more of supergirls power. But the girl of steel has found a system of her own to stop her strength being sapped and manged to gain the upper hand at the last minute. […]

Posted: 01/12/23


Back by popular demand “Ally” Leads this weeks commission. The mighty goddess goes on a quest for the ultimate trophy a superheroine and her powers. She must find out her wareabout from her boyfriend and she relishes showing off her might. 21 Minutes long. Available here for $11.99 Special FX: TL’s Lift by head, […]

Posted: 01/07/23


Super Lois dispatches a thief in this fun little short A home invader bites of much more than he can chew when he break into the home of a mighty superheroine. 10 minutes long available here for $8.99 Special FX: TL, Collar lift, Invulnerability, Super Breath, Steel Bending, Transformation, Arm Wrestling, Lift weight, Bullet […]

Posted: 12/28/22


A couple of fan favourites welcome a new heroine. A young woman is lured to a suspicious metting with her boss. After she is drugged she wakes with a superhero costume and powers to match. He reveals there is good business in creating superheroes and after she tries to fight him another of his products […]

Posted: 12/24/22


This weeks epic release see’s a stable of heroines battle it out. A woman steals a superhero formula from her corrupt boss but discovers that not only does it give her superhuman strength it allows her to drain strength from others. After draining one of earths mightiest heroes she flies off into the night. Elsewhere […]

Posted: 12/16/22


Date night goes wrong as Super Lois is affected by a mysterious gas. Superman waits patiently to take lois on a date. After she is distracted by dealing with some criminals they suffer one final hurdle as a mystery package releases a gas that brings out an evil side to the heroine. Will Superman survive? […]

Posted: 12/11/22


Superman falls into a deadly trap as a powerful woman makes him her own. A woman obsessed with superman becomes a powerful villain and she and her apprentice “The Crusher” make it their mission to bring him under their control. They lure him to their lair before they wear him down. Mentaly and physically. Controlling […]

Posted: 12/02/22


Our super heroine gets tired of playing the good guy. After a tough battle with a powerful villainess super girl has a change of perspective and decides to play hardball not just with villains but with anyone who gets in her way. Including her cousin. 34 Minutes long. Available here for $19.99 Special FX. […]

Posted: 11/22/22


Three heroines must overcome a mysterious foe. Three friends with incredible powers have been hiding their secrets from each other. But after only recently discovering her new strength powergirl roughs up a villain only to find that herself and supergirl have been lured into a sneaky trap. They are turned on omni girl who uses […]

Posted: 11/07/22


Super Lois is back and having a workout session with the man of Steel. Super Lois returns from a hard day fighting crime and wants to workout some of the stress. She joins superrman on a workout and embarrases him fairly easily. In his anger he accidentally creates an evil clone and Lois must defeat […]

Posted: 10/30/22


The story continues as our heroine fights across different universes The battle across different Earths rages on as an Evil Supergirl is on a quest to elimitate all her dopplegagers. With just one left she heads to earth to find the heroine who last fought an evil wonder woman. This supergirl is prepeared, but will […]

Posted: 10/19/22


A fan favourite is back in this weeks release A young woman dreams of one day having the power of her favourite superheroine. A mysterious force suddenly grants her incredible strength. After testing it out she goes for a job interview and finds herself day dreaming about ways to deal with her horrible new boss. […]

Posted: 10/05/22


A superheroine’s ego gets the better off her. When Superwoman responds to a routine call she wastes no time on roughing up a villainess. But she has walked into a deadly trap as a combination of kryptonite and a power stealing device lay the way for her downfall. 22 Minutes long. Available here for $11.99 […]

Posted: 09/30/22


Two fan favourites fight it out this week. Krystal the warped supervillain lures superman to her lair to wear him down and test her strength. She throws him away only for Mary Marvel to come to the rescue. What follows is an intense battle between two super powered women. 19 Minutes long. Available here for […]

Posted: 09/21/22


A heroine must use her cunning to overcome the odds. Three villains hatch a cunning plan to steal Wonder Womans powers. After she roughs them up the succeed and show of thier abilites. But the heroine is more cunning than they think and she is able to steal her power back. 16 Minutes Long Available […]

Posted: 09/14/22


Something a little different in this weeks fun Custom. A man is visited by an incredibly strong woman intent on draining his lifeforce. As she goes to prepare the procedure his friend arrives who also as it happens is imensely strong. The two fight over him as one tries to drain him and the other […]

Posted: 09/02/22


Wonder Woman must save Superman from a dastardly trap Wonder Woman gets wind of some dastardly goings on and reports to find superman under the control of a shifty villain. Even with the man of steele at his disposal he is still not a match for her power as she defats them both and frees […]

Posted: 08/25/22


A super powered guardian has a change of heart. A super strong guardian is tasked with stopping her boss’s wife from entering his office. After a brutal showdown the wife is about to leave with nothing. But the Gaurdian see’s she deserves better and turns the tables and offers her something else. 23 Minutes long. […]

Posted: 08/20/22


She’s back and in search of more power. The Executor is after even more power to fuel her ambition and goes after another scientist who is hunkered down in his fortress. After breaking through his defences so get to work using her might to extract his secret and gaining a slick new costume. 16 Minutes […]

Posted: 08/13/22


An older project get’s a release as a super powered young woman comes face to face with her most powerful arch nemesis. A destuctive and all powerful woman is interupted by an old adversary hell ben on stopping her. But after the heroine is hopelessly over powered the villain leavers her for dead. Suddenly however […]

Posted: 07/27/22


This weeks release is a brutal super powered display. A scientist has been on a lifelong quest for a formula that will turn her into a god when she finally discovers the formula and transforms herself into a goddess. When the man of steel stops by to stop her it turns out even he is no […]

Posted: 07/11/22


Supergirl and wonder woman return after a hard days work only to be invaded by a powerful doppleganger of Wonder woman. Supergirl must fight off the dark wonder woman imposter and save her friend. 17 minutes long. Available here for $10.99 Special FX: TL’s, Super breath, Super strength, Hand crush, Heat Visions, Strength Hold, […]

Posted: 06/22/22


Not to be confused with a literal flash sale. This weeks fun short is a fun super powered adventure. An estate agent gets a paticularly rude customer. To put him in his place she decides to reaveal her powerful secret identity and toys with him knowing no one will believe his story. 19 Minutes Long. […]

Posted: 05/19/22


Fan favourite is back to wreak havoc. Supergirl is lured to the lair of a villainess and decides to teach her a lesson. But she is too cocky and falls right into her deadly trap. Hope arrives in the form of her cousin but not even when he is a match for the mighty villainess. […]

Posted: 05/02/22


A new model discovers her powers. After a young girl inherits a house from her grandparents she is paid a visit by a mysterious and powerful woman. After an interigation she finds what it is the woman is looking for and unleashes incredible power of her own. 19 minutes Long Available here for $10.99 […]

Posted: 04/08/22


The Countess is back to dish out some of her super powered mischief After dispatching superman in this dimension another one crossed the rift to drop in on the countess. With ease she toys with him before dispatching him. However it seems he is ready to be replaced with another version. Is this the start […]

Posted: 04/04/22


A theif enters the lair of a supherheroine only to find herself ensnared in a trap. When the heroine herslef enters she also finds herself caught up in the trap and they must figure out a way to escape. But all is not as it seems once they do. 18 Minutes Long. Available here for […]

Posted: 03/29/22


A powerful new talent bring this commission to life When a hitman pays a visit to a woman apparment he gets more than he bargained for in the form of superhuman weapon. She turns the tables on him interrogating him to find out what just what brought him to her apartment. 15 Minutes long available […]

Posted: 03/16/22


A power struggle with a twist in this weeks commission. When a villainess captures supergirls best friend in an attempt to capture her powers the plan goes sideways when the best friend becomes endowed with powers she can only have imagined in her wildest dreams. 22 minutes long. Available here for $11.99 Special FX: […]

Posted: 02/26/22


Popular heroine rocks an awesome new costume. A scientist invites a powerful enhanced human to his lab to perform some tests. Using all maner of devices and even some androids he tried to push her to the limits butin the end finds hinself in need of her superpowered help. 23 Minutes Long. Available here for […]

Posted: 02/15/22


Super Lois is back and she takes on a slippery foe. Supergirl enters a building and goes on an uncharacteristic rampage. Superman arrives and is suprised when she attacks him. It takes for Lois to finally arrive and stop him meeting his end. The Mesmeriser who previously controled supergirl takes control of superman but can […]

Posted: 01/31/22


When an intruder breaks in to a house in search of his crime partner he gets more than he bargained for in the form of a woman with incredible strength. After subduing the man she goes on to test out her immense power. 20 minutes long Available here for $9.99 Special FX: TL’s, Back […]

Posted: 01/14/22


A popular heroine returns and rocks a great new costume. On the brink of something great a scientists layer is stormed by two me after her research. She is craftily able to take her creating which gives her incredible powers that she uses to dispatch the men and find out who sent them. 19 Minutes […]

Posted: 01/05/22


Something a little different before Christmas. A confident burglar enters an apartment in search of a super strength formula. Guarding the formula is an incredibibly powerful woman who isn’t too keen to give it away. The man tries his best but she is far too powerful and delivers a fitting end. 20 Minutes Long. Available […]

Posted: 12/19/21


This weeks epic commission sees the return of Super Lois. Thanks to Steele Blazer for his story. Super Lois continues her super duties. Stopping crimes and saving cities. Even putting superman back in his place after he challengesher strength. But there is a new threat and another super powered woman gets her hands on the […]

Posted: 12/16/21


Xylantra is back and puts two would be soldiers through their paces. Two Elite special operatives wait for Xylantra to arrive to put them through the tests. They aren’t expecting the mighty challenge she poses and eventually she becomes angry and decides to dispatch them using her incredible strength. 26 minutes long Available here for […]

Posted: 11/04/21


A heroine must fight past a deadly trap and face a powerful foe. Supergirl is yet again lured to a trap by a villainess intent on draining the power from her magical belt. Although she foils the initial plan the villainess has another trick up her sleeve as she has transformed herself into a superhuman. […]

Posted: 10/06/21


Two great models fight it out for a prestigious title. When a young estate agents lets in a client she is shocked when the woman pulls a gun and forces her to reveal her Identity. Supergirl. The woman then reveals a dastardly plan to steal her powers and kill her. But supergirl has a clever trick […]

Posted: 09/22/21


The super-powered Librarian pays a visit to a villain accused of distributing bombs around the city. After roughing her up to get the information she need to falls into an unfortunate trap as the villain take her powers and reveals herself as a dark supergirl. 15 minutes long. Available here for $9.99 Special FX: […]

Posted: 09/09/21


Lois gets all the power in this weeks epic commission. Two goons capture Lois and tie her up in order to Lure superman into a trap. He arrives and they hit him with a laser which has the unexpected effect of transfering all of his powers to her. After her muscles swell with power she […]

Posted: 08/27/21


Rose crushes all before her in this weeks incredible commission. Indi. An incredibly powerful goddess sets her sights on the domination of earth. She lands and dispatches a hapless driver before turning her sights on the superheros lair. She uses her mighty strength to deal with the two guards before the superheroes arrive. She toys […]

Posted: 08/10/21


The clever girlfriend of a gangster gains incredible powers and turns the tide. When a young maffia boss creates a powerful ring he underestimates his girlfriends cunning as she steal it and the powers for herself. Using her newfound incredible powers she dispatches him and his bodyguard before dealing with a rival gang who turn […]

Posted: 07/31/21


She’s back. Wonder woman once again faces off against a sneaky villain who has a dastardly plan in waiting. Wonder woman once again visits Max Lord who is up to no good. After knocking one of his missiles out of the sky she gets to work roughing him up. But the villain has a trick […]

Posted: 07/26/21


This weeks commission is a dark sci-fi film as a young heroine is outclassed from the start by an immensely powerful Villainess. When a young witch wakes up in a myserious location without her wand she is shocked to find herself face to face with a powerful villainess intent on taking her powers. The villaness […]

Posted: 07/17/21


An old favourite makes a long awaited return and she’s on a quest for power. The crafty Ursa lures a woman to a hideout where she finds a crystal granting her incredible powers. Soon after she discovers her mighty strength Ursa appears to steal the power for herself. 22 minutes long. Available here for $11.99 […]

Posted: 07/09/21


A popular model makes a long awaited return in this weeks super strength featured commission. When the flash speeds into his hidout he is shocked to be chased by a woman who seems to be faster than him. After she traps him in the den with her speed, she unleashes her other powers and mighty […]

Posted: 06/28/21


A bullied young woman gains incredible powers and uses them to deal with her evil step brother in this weeks commission. A young science student arrives home to her abbusive step brother. Having had anough she decides to drink one of her experimental formulas giving her incredible powers. She turns the tide or her nasty […]

Posted: 06/19/21


Supergirl must battle an incredibly powerful villainess in this weeks costumed short. A crafty and powerful villainess invades supergirls house in order to get her hands on a powerful stone. When she does she is granted incredible powers and supergirl must face this powerful new challenge head on. 20 minutes long. Available here for $12.99 […]

Posted: 06/07/21


One from the archives to see us out of the spring. Supergirl has a chance encounter with her twin from another dimension. She soon discovers her alternative version has evil intentions and must use all her strength and power to try and stop her. 16 minutes long available here for $9.99 Special FX: TL’s […]

Posted: 05/30/21


Brand new talent is granted incredible powers. A woman ends up being the test subject for the experiments of her overambitious boss. However the tests give her incredible powers and soon there is a new boss. 18 minutes long. Available here for $11.99 Special FX: TL, Collar lift, Armpits lift, Superbreath, Heath Vision, Finger […]

Posted: 05/18/21


A favourite heroine finds herself in a tough spot for this weeks release. A young woman check into a BnB for some business. She is shocked when the room itself tries to attack her. Luckily she herself is a superhero however it appears the trap was laid specifically for her and the room has one […]

Posted: 05/10/21


A young woman is granted incredible mystical powers in this weeks release. A tormented young woman receives a visit from a powerful and mischievous goddess who offers her incredible powers if she uses them to exact revenge on the wrong doers. She is only too happy to oblige an pays a visit to a corrupt […]

Posted: 04/29/21


Something a little different in this weeks release. A young Sorority sister on a scavenger hunt bumps into a mysterious and powerful goddess who is able to invade her mind. Her friend comes to the rescue demonsrtating hidden powers however she soon finds herself under the Goddess control. 12 Minutes 47 long Available here for […]

Posted: 04/22/21


This weeks new commission sees a super powered spy try and fight her way out of a tough spot. A spy infiltrates a secret facility to try and grab some new information on a powerful villainess.She runs into some security on the way out but is able to easily deal with him.

Posted: 04/18/21


An office assisitant grows tired of having to do what her scumbag boss tells her all the time. When she stumbles on a super serum he’s been making she decides to take it and it grants her incredible poweres. She tries out her newfound powers before the boss returns with his superior. Then she decides […]

Posted: 04/14/21


Another incredible display of strength on show in this weeks super powered release. Powergirl arrives to rescuse the president of a very wealthy organisation. While trying to escort him from the building she encounters resistance from the hired thugs. Using her mighty powers she dispatches them one by one before flying to safety with the […]

Posted: 04/07/21


A magnificent supergirl once again dons the costume to interrogate a criminal. Supergirl drops in on a notorious villain who’s been up to no good. She uses her incredible strength and powers to try and get information from him in order to save lives. He manages to hold out so she has to try something […]

Posted: 03/30/21


Supergirl arrives home to find a shifty intruder hiding in her kitchen. After a superpowered interogation he eventually reveals he has been sent to plant a device which detonates. Depowering the heroine. Just then her rival arrives and reveals her part in the plan. Supergirl now must fight for her life against a powerful adversary. […]

Posted: 03/24/21


Supergirl gets a call from a old foe inviting her for a challenge. She decides to pay them a visit and inadvertantly runs into a trap that leads to her powers being sapped and even causes her to shrink slightly. She finds herself ina fight for her life as the villainess dons the costume and […]

Posted: 03/20/21


Fantastic new model shows off her might powers in this weeks commission. A young museum Curator tracks some mysterious activity to a shady location. She soon finds herself kidnapped and tied to a chair. While the villains slip away to decide what to do with her, she activates the power of her amulet and transforms […]

Posted: 03/16/21


After supergirl returns from a day of fighting crime she is surprised when an imposter transports herself into her home. The other supergirl attacks her and it seems they are equally matched until her opponent transforms into a more powerful costume. After losing the edge she transforms into a powerful outfit of herself. But the […]

Posted: 03/10/21


A fun new commission see’s a battle between two young soldiers. When a young solider challenges her superior officer she loses out on the battle. She has a trick up her sleeve in the form of formula X which gives her enhanced powers which she quickly puts to use to try take over her senior […]

Posted: 02/24/21


A sneaky businessman gets his just deserts in this weeks super strength extravaganza A company CEO calls her operations manager to her office to accuse him of leading a bid to seize her company. Although he denies it she knows he’s lying. What he doesn’t realise is that she happens to be incredibly powerful. She […]

Posted: 02/18/21


Supergirl meets her literal equal in this weeks commission Supergirl tracks a criminal back to his hideout and roughs him up for information about some bombs he tried to plant. During there interrogation they are interrupted by an alternative supergirl who has a much darker agenda. She Kills the criminal before the two heroines have […]

Posted: 02/09/21


A new costume gets it’s debut as two thieves get more than they bargained for. A librarian and curator recieves a mysterious amulet through the mail. After reading a little about it she discovers it gives the wearer the powers of an incredible goddess. Soon after when two theives attempt to break in to her […]

Posted: 01/28/21


Good vs evil in a good old fashioned power struggle. A crafty theif stops back from a heist and drops a mysterious device in the corner of the room. Just then superwoman zooms in and interogates the theif. Activating the device the villain is able to equalise their powers and takes the upper hand as […]

Posted: 01/22/21


Something a bit different this week as a brilliant scientist bites of more than he can chew. When a scientist invents a potion to make him superhuman he invites one of the most powerful beings on the planet to observe his invention. He is surprise to find not only is this icon even more powerful […]

Posted: 01/11/21


Mary Marvel Kicks of 2021 Mary Marvel arrives in time to see a theif stealing a strange formula. She decides to transform and use her powers to get information on exactly what she’s there to steal. The theif then decides to use the formula on herself. Initially to her supprise it doesn’t work but soon […]

Posted: 01/05/21


Seeing out 2020 A stunning superwoman deals with her horrible boss. When a young assistant drops of precious cargo to her horrible boss he gives away it’s powerful contents showing off to himself. Sick of being downtrodden and not wanting to become his next victim she injects herself with the serum and revels in her […]

Posted: 12/23/20


A busy year for the countess culminates in her going after one of the grandest prizes yet in one of her most incredible displays of power. The Countess goes after the ultimate prize as she corners the Man of steel in his own home. After a brief stand off she is able to disarm him […]

Posted: 12/17/20


Supergirl meets an incredible challenge this week. Supergirl arrives at a villains hideout just as she is preparing a mysterious machine. Angrily she destoys the controls before teaching the villain a lesson. As she asks the villain to deactivate the machine there is a twist of fate as the villainess gains extraordinary powers and turns […]

Posted: 12/10/20


Two fan favourites feature in this weeks new movie Supergirl pays a visit to an familiar villainess expecting to take her to Jail. To her supprise she discovers the villainess has made her own costume and also somehow figured a way to give herself superpowers. Has supergirl met her match or will she manage to […]

Posted: 11/28/20


An amazing new talent stars in the weeks new commisson A bullied woman reads her power-girl comics one evening when she suddenly hears a disturbance in her house. She investigates and finds a set of blue gloves. In a flash she finds herself in the costume and with incredible powers. She decides to pay a […]

Posted: 11/22/20


A fun new commission sees a power struggle between 3 powerful women. A long standing feud between a heroine and villain reaches a flash point as the villain manages to track the heroine down in her civilian form and attempts to steal her powers. Things get complicated when the device fails and they are interupted […]

Posted: 11/15/20


Supergirl is back to face off against a the powerful villainess. Supergirl is lured back to the villains lair after she somehow escapes from jail. She is shocked to discover that she didn’t quite take all of her power back the last time and the power is growing inside the villainess making her incredibly strong. […]

Posted: 11/10/20


An incredible new model brings to life this weeks new commission. Two photographers await nervously for the arrival of a famous superheroine who has agreed to do a shoot with them in aid of her favourite charity. She arrives and shows them she’s the real thing before showing of her strength and powers as they […]

Posted: 10/31/20


Another Epic Commission this week see supergirl battle an immensely powerful foe. Supergirl pays a visit to and infamous villain. However things take a turn for the worst when it appears the villain has stolen the powers and costumes of all the other heroes and uses their powers against the heroine. 33 Minutes long available […]

Posted: 10/26/20


When 3 powerful supervillains infiltrate a superheroines den with devious plans on their mind they get a shock when the heroine herself drops in to pay them a visit. Despite their superhuman powers even the 3 of them are no match for the might of the peacekeeper. 13 Minutes 40 seconds. Available here for $9.99 […]

Posted: 10/11/20


Super hero CW girl drops in to stop a routine robery when the robber lets slip he’s been paid to lure her to the location. Just then the countess drops in looking for prestige as she looks to shame the heroine by beating her in battle. As it turns out the heroine is no match […]

Posted: 09/23/20


She’s back. The countess delivers some harsh lessons in this weeks commission. A scientist employed by the countess experiments on a young woman hoping to make her powerful enough to go toe to toe with the mighty villain and also able to resisit her mind control power. After some successful tests they are visited by […]

Posted: 09/02/20


A great acting duo pull off this weeks cool new commission. Supergirl is lured to a villains lair when she gets wind that she is creating a powerful device. When she arrives however she discovers she herself is a key part of the plan and falls right into the villains trap of creating a powerful […]

Posted: 08/24/20


Something a little bit different for this weeks super short! When superwoman hears a villain up to no good she drops into his lair to halt his plans. Although physically no match for her mentally he proves resilient to her superhuman method of interrogation until she pulls a final trick out of her sleeve shrinking […]

Posted: 08/10/20


Mary Marvel hears a disturbance and rushes to the scene. She finds a lone woman among a room of strangely empty clothes. She soon discovers the woman is responsible and transforms to stop her permanently. But she discovers the succubus is crafty and has a trick up her sleeve. 19 Minutes Long Available here for […]

Posted: 08/02/20


An incredible new model joins the ranks and takes no prisoners in her debut. A mob snitch is sitting in his appartment when a strange woman arrives claiming to be sent by his boss. After asking her to leave politely then less politely he discovers that she is incredibly powerful and that he is in […]

Posted: 07/19/20


When Diana prince hears a hitman attempting to break into her apartment and assassinate she wastes no time in dispatching her alter ego Wonder Woman to take care of the thug. She uses her Amazonian strength to easily defeat him before finding the location of the men who want her dead. She decides to pay […]

Posted: 07/10/20


A gangster wakes up tied to a chair with a mysterious young woman sat opposite him. After threatening her if she doesn’t release him the young woman demonstrates some extraordinary strength before finally revealing herself to be an infamous superhero now working for the secret service to use her incredible powers to extract information. This […]

Posted: 07/01/20


Another action packed release continues or summer slate, After the newly superpowered Krista arrives back from some mayhem she is supprised to see Zane has reuturned for more punnishment. However she soon learns that Zane has a ring of his own and is there to match her in a superpowered battle. The two duel before […]

Posted: 06/07/20


When Diana prince uncovers the devios schemes of the villainess Catra, She transforms into Wonder Woman and sets out to capture her and stop the plan. But Catra has some tricks up her sleve. Using a powerful gas to weaken the heroine she knocks her down with her enhanced strength and keeps her pinned with […]

Posted: 05/29/20


As we look to get back to shooting under new safety guidelines here’s a fun new release. Some fun experimentation in this weeks movie. Two bounty hunters clash when they both find themselves after the same price. A mysterious and powerful ring. After losing the initial exchange she uses her cunning to get hold of […]

Posted: 05/22/20


This weeks new commission brings an awesome new model. A promising young scientist is visited by the bank. The man has come to seize some property however when she reveals her super serum in a bid to turn him away he takes it instead. Scared of what she might have unleashed she decides to take […]

Posted: 03/26/20


She’s Back Freya the super powered Mob Boss is still on the hunt for her superhuman counterpart but there is some trouble inside her organisation as two of her employees plot to take over her business. One one of her female employees becomes endowed with superhuman abilities a showdown begins. Will she retain her power? […]

Posted: 03/04/20


Popular power gaining theme sees a disgruntled employee take on her boss! A vindictive boss tourments the hard working manager of his company and even teases her about her sick sister. In an act of revenge she steals a secret formula he’s been working on which gives her incredible superhuman powers. She uses her newfound […]

Posted: 02/21/20


Awesome new commission to brighten up your January, When Supergirl drops in on a young mishcevious hacker she doesn’t count on the woman having a dastardly trick up her sleve. Supergirl intimidates the woman with her incredible powers and even revelas her true form before falling into a trap causing her to lose her powers. […]

Posted: 01/19/20


A new model brings in the new year as we bring a fun little super powered short to kick of 2020 When a young supehero investigates the scene of an emergenct call he finds a woman just finishing of the inhabitants of the office. A superpowered battle ensues and it becomes clear that the woman […]

Posted: 01/04/20


An awesome model and costume combination sees out our 2019 slate! Wonder woman encounters two criminals who’ve recently made a threat on the city. She easily roughs them up demontrating her superior strength and skill. Suddenly the tables are turned when the men managage to gain conrol of the powerful woman. Planning on turning the […]

Posted: 12/22/19


Something a little different at we unleash some mighty amazons in this weeks sci-fi movie. When a young Relic hunter and her friend discover a mysterious object the inadvertantly unleash tow towering amazons. The two mighty women toy with the two friends as they try to stop them from getting out and reaking havoc on […]

Posted: 12/12/19


When a curious young reporter follows a lead about a corrupt company she stumbles on a mysterious and powerful woman. When she discovers she is locked in the house with a confused, angry and superpowered woman things take a sinister turn as she ends up in a fight for her life as the woman discovers […]

Posted: 11/09/19


Popular story gets a new chapter. When two crooks burst into former Mob Boss Freya’s apartment looking for money they assume it’s an easy job. However they werent counting on the fact that she had just that morning developed an even more potent version of the serum that gave her incredible powers and the two […]

Posted: 10/25/19


Two fantastic new actors feature in this weeks new commission. When a crafty villaness is getting up to no good supergirl picks up the mischeif with her super hearing. She decides to drop in and put a stop to the villains deeds. Despite the villain having increased strength thanks to a mysterious gas she is […]

Posted: 09/20/19


After some of her previous encounters Zylantra is called into a scecret facility to answer some questions. After demonstrating some of her impressive abbilities she turns to a more forceful approach. Easily dispatching the investigator and the team of soilders sent to subdue her. Special FX: TL’s, Finger Lift, Lift by the belt, Hand Crush, […]

Posted: 09/07/19


When a young woman has her appartment broken into she asks the mystery woman to leave. However the much bigger stronger and more powerful apponent soon interrogates the woman into the wherebouts of a mystery crystal. After momentarily distracting her she she finds the crystal herself which gives her incredible powers that she soon turns […]

Posted: 08/28/19


A computer hacker puts lives at risk when he disrupts the air traffic control network. Suddelny a mysterious woman appears at his house. After she beats him in an armwrestle if becomes clear that he has got himself into trouble with the mighty superheroine powergirl. She shows off her superpowers before settling on using her […]

Posted: 08/14/19


Two room mates come home to their appartment to find thier clones stood facing them. Suddenly the clones spring to life and begin to attack the women. Demonstrating superhuman speed, strength and other abilities. Just as things seem bleak the room mates turn the tides and reveal superhuman abilities of their own. 14 minutes long […]

Posted: 08/01/19


A super-heroine has a significant challenge when she encounters 2 clever criminals who somehow manage to steal her powers. She must use her wits to first steal her powers back then teaches the men a lesson with all the strength and power she’s just won back. 15 Minutes long Available here for $10.99 Contains. […]

Posted: 07/11/19


A young woman has the roomate from hell and often uses her VR computer game for some imaginative relief. Portraying a superpowered heroine she punishes his in various different ways. When he discovers her game however he becomes upset and the young woman is forced to reveal that not all of the game was fake. […]

Posted: 07/01/19


A popular story line gets a reboot with 2 popular actors in our new commission. Supergirl enters the home of an infamous villainess to stop her detonating bombs and killing innocent people. Supergirl is able to easily subdue the villainess with her powers but the villainess has a trick up her sleeve. Transferring the heroines […]

Posted: 06/14/19


Fun little release to start the weekend. A powerful heroine is out for a morning workout when she intercepts a police radio signal. She decides to take some time out for her workout to teach the young criminal a lesson. 11 minutes long Available here for $12.99 Special FX. Superspeed, Super hearing, Stop car […]

Posted: 06/08/19


Popular release from the start of the year has its sequel. Supergirl re-enters the lair of the powerfull villainess who previously stole her powers. She has a cunning plan to steal her powers back and after a one sided fight she eventually manages to activate her trap. She gains her powers back but discovers that […]

Posted: 05/18/19


This awesome series of commissions comes to an end but don’t worry. Wonder woman will be back in a new adventure. In the meantime enjoy “Wonder Woman – Solved” Diana Prince finally tracks down the Tenron organisation to thier secret headquaters. After a short scuffle with the guard on the door she enters the facility […]

Posted: 04/18/19


Two Keepers of a mysterious artefact are ambushed by an incredibly powerful and mystical woman. They try their best to fight her off and protect the artefact but is the woman’s immense strength too much? Special FX: 2 Tl’s, Collar Lift, Double TL, Finger strength, Invulnerability, Super-breath, Multiple mind control, Hand crush, Test of strength, […]

Posted: 04/08/19


When two secret agents are lured to a mysterious location they find themselves locked in a room with an extremely powerful adversary. She toys with the two agents, demonstrating her mighty strength and the agents fight valiantly to subdue her. At the end of the conflict the two decide to take something to even the […]

Posted: 03/22/19


When supergirl swoops in to stop an evil villainess she doesn’t count on it being a trap. First to weaken the heroine using a powerful kryptonite powered being and seccondly to take her superpowers for herself. But there is a final twist in the tale as the powerful slave develops agendas of it’s own. 13 […]

Posted: 02/08/19


Two armed robbers are holed up after a paticularly cruel robbery. Bragging about their deeds. When a seemly normal woman wanders to their hideout they try to see her off before she reveals her true Identity and decides to use her might and powers to teach the two men a lesson. 19 minutes long available […]

Posted: 01/24/19