Supergirl must battle an incredibly powerful villainess in this weeks costumed short. A crafty and powerful villainess invades supergirls house in order to get her hands on a powerful stone. When she does she is granted incredible powers and supergirl must face this powerful new challenge head ...[more]


One from the archives to see us out of the spring. Supergirl has a chance encounter with her twin from another dimension. She soon discovers her alternative version has evil intentions and must use all her strength and power to try and stop her. 16 minutes long available here for $9.99 https://...[more]


Brand new talent is granted incredible powers. A woman ends up being the test subject for the experiments of her overambitious boss. However the tests give her incredible powers and soon there is a new boss. 18 minutes long. Available here for $11.99[more]

Now Taking Commissions!

Got an idea or superheroine story that you are dying to see played out for real? Let us make it happen! We are always willing to make fans' stories and fantasies come to life.

Just contact us at with your idea for a price quote.

What We Can Do / Provide

  • Commissions within Sci-fi, Comic, and Horror genres
  • Casting for 1-4 people (larger casts available; email with details)
  • Superpowered physical effects like throatlifts and bar-bending
  • Visual superpowered effects such as heat vision, flying, and super breath
  • Greenscreen effects and shots

What The Fans Are Saying

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