The Stone: Part II

The mysterious power-giving stone returns to grant incredible powers to a young woman pressured by some some small time crooks. After discovering her powers, she shows them off to one off the goons before renegotiating their agreement on 'her' terms!

Tryouts: Part I

An alien woman is sent to find perspective mates for her queen. Unfortunately for the two goons she's been sent to assess, the trial is by combat and a test of strength. Tests they find well beyond them as the superhuman woman easily defeats them.

Mob Boss: Part IV

A depowered Sally is paid a visit by an ambitious young mobster hoping to squeeze her for some collection money. Pretty soon he realises that Sally may in fact be more powerful and more dangerous than before and finds himself on the end of her super-powered interrogation.

Enter the Countess: Part I

In a continuation of the Wonder Series, an intelligent countess has recently drained the parents of the mighty herioine of their powers, stealing them for herself and making her an incredibly powerful adversary for the four unfortunate agents sent to subdue her.

Now Taking Commissions!

Got an idea or superheroine story that you are dying to see played out for real? Let us make it happen! We are always willing to make fans' stories and fantasies come to life.

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What We Can Do / Provide

  • Commissions within Sci-fi, Comic, and Horror genres
  • Casting for 1-4 people (larger casts available; email with details)
  • Superpowered physical effects like throatlifts and bar-bending
  • Visual superpowered effects such as heat vision, flying, and super breath
  • Greenscreen effects and shots

What The Fans Are Saying

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